The Key To A Successful Wedding Business

Here’s the thing. What I’m about to tell you is the #1 thing that leads to a profitable and sustainable business in the wedding industry.

But for most people it’s super scary, particularly if you’re not getting a ton of inquiries currently.

So what am I talking about?

Learning to attract your ideal clients and repel those clients that aren’t a fit for you.

I think for most wedding entrepreneurs the attract part makes sense—but I talk to so many people that do a “spray and pray” form of marketing. If you play darts blindfolded, you’ll probably hit the board every now and again. But wouldn’t you rather be throwing a bullseye every single time?

That is what getting specific on your ideal client and marketing directly to them will do. It will drastically increase your conversions because you’ll be talking to the right type of person that lights you up and values you and your service.

If you haven’t already figured out who your ideal client is, that is the foundation to learning how to attract those people and repel those who are not that ideal client. If you’re still struggling with creating your ideal client profile, head over and grab the ideal client workbook I created to help you get really specific.

Like I said before, this can be a scary thing to do, especially when you’re low on inquiries to begin with. But for many people, the reason they end up low on inquiries is that they’re not doing anything to make their ideal clients say, “OMG, this is the ___ for me!” If your “ideal client” is nothing more than a person with a pulse and an engagement ring and money in the bank to pay you, you’re missing out. When you try to serve everyone, you really end up not serving anyone well.

I think many of us have experienced this at one time or another in our careers. Working with our non-ideal clients can lead to burnout, unhappiness, and even bad reviews and those nightmare clients.

So how do you actually go about attracting those ideal clients and repelling the others?

Strong Brand Identity

Having a strong brand identity is key to this. Knowing your ideal client is important, but also knowing the identity that you’ve created for your brand is key. You want your ideal clients to read your site or other marketing materials and have a resounding YES. But you also want a resounding NO from those who are not a fit for you. Those who are a fit will see your brand identity and feel immediately called to work with you.

Always think about your ideal client when creating any sort of marketing or sales materials. Use the copy on your website and in your other marketing materials to make it very clear who it is that you serve (and thus make it obvious who you don’t).

Be Specific

I know I’m really drilling this in but this is the mistake I see people make all the time. For those who have spent some time to determine who their ideal client is, many don’t get specific enough to really attract that person. Remember, we want to repel those non-ideal clients as well as attract the ideal ones. Getting specific in your marketing and copy is a great way to do that.

Be the “Client Whisperer”

Know your ideal client backwards and forwards. Know how they speak so you can speak to them in their language. Understand their pain points so that you can show them that you understand what they’re going for AND communicate exactly how you can help solve your problems.

When it comes to sales, we want to ensure that by the time these ideal clients fill out our inquiry form or send us an email, they’re already a warm lead. By using our website and other marketing materials to get specific about our ideal client to attract those brides that are an amazing fit for us and our businesses and repel those who aren’t, you can create a business doing what you love and serving clients that light you up and constantly remind you why you love your job.

If you’re still struggling with identifying your ideal client or just how to speak to them so that you’re attracting the right people, I can help. Shoot me an email or schedule a free 30 minute consultation call with me and we can chat more about your business, what you’re struggling with, and how I can help you get to where you want to be!