day rate

Photos before, during and after your ceremony will capture you and your family and friends in a range of joyous, emotional moments, and to keep it all together, you could have the assistance of your own personal stylist, who would work with your photographer to perfect the details of every one of your photos.

Is your veil straight? Is your grandmother’s antique bracelet visible in the shot? Is your future partner’s hair sticking up in the wrong places? These are the things I would watch for and diligently maintain to ensure beautiful photos, and to keep you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Do the grooms‐men need to have their ties tied? Hair styled? Do the sashes on the bridesmaids dresses need to be tied so they all look pretty and consistent? Do you need help bustling your dress while your bridesmaids enjoy the cocktail hour?

Don’t make them work – let them enjoy it like you want them to! I’ll handle it.
After the ceremony, you’re likely to have kissed off all your lipstick and cried a few tears, & you’ll definitely want to look perfect before you enter the reception, so after a special moment with your new partner, I’ll meet up with you again to adjust a few things. I can help take your veil out or add another adornment. I can take your hair from up to down or vice‐ versa. Want to change your makeup slightly for the reception? Give me 10 minutes and we’ll take you to the next level. Want to change your hair completely? No problem. Need help changing into that second dress and putting on your accessories? I can make that second entrance spectacular for you. From clasping a delicate necklace to buckling those over‐ priced stilettos – I do all these things, and so much more.
Having me as your personal stylist is the icing on the cake of your perfect wedding –
I’ll take care of every beauty detail, from the time I put in the first curl to the moment the very last photo is taken. 


Day Rates are meant for brides who want to have an all inclusive styling and touch up experience. Spend part of your day getting styled then allow me to take care of your touch up needs throughout the day. Price is inclusive of time, travel, and services. 

Please contact me for a custom quote for your day rate experience. 




Day Rate Experience: 

Great for large bridal parties

Good for weddings with multiple events

Great for brides who expect to cry or sweat and may need touch ups

Great for brides with outdoor weddings/photos


A La Carte Services: 

Great for smaller bridal parties

Great for weddings that have only one or two events

Great for brides who can manage their own touch ups with a touch up kit

Great for brides with indoor weddings/photos that won't need many touch ups