frequently asked questions

What is a trial and why do I need one?

A trial is a time for us to get to know each other and ensure that we are the right match. It gives us time to meet with one another and create your ideal look for your wedding day. This will alleviate any stress for you because we will already have your wedding day look perfected before your big day to ensure that it is the look that you want. 

How far in advance of my wedding should I do my trial?

I recommend doing your trial about 4-6 weeks in advance, but I can accommodate requests for any other timing. 

Do you use my makeup? Can you?

I have my own kit stocked with professional grade products that I have rigorously tested to make sure that they will hold up under any conditions. If there is a particular product that you love or want to use, talk to me about it and we can discuss what is the best option for you on your day. 

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a special formulation of makeup that is applied using an air compressor and an airbrush gun. It gives a natural looking, flawless finish that feels very light on the skin and photographs beautifully. 

What if I have a large party?

In the case of a large party or a party needing to be ready quicker than I can get everyone done, I will bring in artists of my caliber that can help out to make sure that everyone is ready on time and looks flawless. 

Where do you travel to?

I am based in Chicago, but I love to travel and am willing to travel worldwide to accommodate clients. 

Is a tip/gratuity included?

There is no gratuity included in my pricing, and it is completely voluntary on your part. To make it easier, I can add an industry standard 18% to your final invoice total so that you do not have to worry about cash the day of. 

What methods of payment can I use?

I accept cash, credit cards, Paypal, or Chase QuickPay. 

How do I ensure that my date is booked?

To secure your date, you must have a signed contract as well as pay a 50% retainer fee. The final balance will be due two weeks before your date.