Ingredient Spotlight: Pumpkin


It's officially the season for Pumpkin Spice everything! But what about putting it on your face? Well, turns out, pumpkin can really pack a punch when incorporated into your skin care routine as well. Pumpkin can be a beneficial ingredient for those with sun damage or hyperpigmentation they are trying to get rid of. It is also a great ingredient for acne sufferers, as it contains Vitamins E and T which help fight acne. It also contains the highest naturally occurring levels of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene in any fruit, which are both great ingredients to gently exfoliate and help to reduce the signs of aging. In addition, pumpkin also contains Vitamin C, which is an awesome antioxidant to help fight free radical damage in the skin due to sun exposure or lifestyle. Pumpkin also boasts natural enzymes and AHAs to exfoliate the skin and remove dead surface skin cells. It has a small molecular size as well, which helps to penetrate deeper in the skin to see results. 

Pumpkin can be a little intense for some people, especially those with sensitive skin. But for those with more resilient skin who really want to see change in their skin, pumpkin can be an ideal ingredient to incorporate into their home care and professional treatments. I offer both a pumpkin enzyme and a pumpkin peel that I incorporate into our professional treatments and have seen amazing results with my clients and with my own skin perfectly. Book an appointment today to see if pumpkin would be an ingredient that would work for you! 

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