Don't Believe The Hype! Stay Away From Those Black Masks You're Seeing On Social Media

We've probably all seen these black masks all over our Facebook and Instagram timelines. And we've all probably gotten a good chuckle out of the videos of people in agony trying to peel them off. But yet somehow I'm also still seeing tons of people using them.

Just FYI---your skin care shouldn't make you cry! These masks are basically a Biore pore strip for your entire face. And yes, they may pull some debris out of your pores, but the majority of what they're pulling out are natural sebaceous filaments that aren't doing any harm to your skin. Not to mention these masks are also peeling off the top layer of your skin as well as all of the vellus hair on your face. 

I totally get it---the satisfaction of seeing all that gunk is fun (my fascination with getting gunk out of people's faces is part of why I love being an esthetician), but these masks are ultimately doing more harm than good to your skin, and it's just not worth it. 

Your skin might feel baby smooth after you do one of these masks, but that's because you've just ripped off the top layer of skin and all of the hair on your face, revealing brand new skin to be exposed to the elements. Your skin's natural defense system is important, and these masks completely strip your skin of its defenses. 

So what can you do? Charcoal can be good for cleaning your pores, but use a professional quality mask instead. I love the charcoal mask by the line that I use in my practice, Skin Script. It's gentle on the skin and you wash it off with a wash cloth to avoid any damage to the skin. 

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