5 Reasons to Get Married in the Fall

Many brides know exactly what they want when it comes to their dress or flowers, but struggle when it comes to picking the time of year to have their wedding. This might happen for many different reasons – they love every season, or simply don’t even know where to start. So if you are having a hard time with this decision as well, I am here to help guide you. Although I have good things to say about every part of the year, since we are currently in the midst of October, I am going to talk about why getting married in fall is a perfect choice for any type of bride, and why it should be a final contender!


1. The natural colors are amazing

Barn wedding with sunflower bouquets

First on my list, is color. As you know the color scheme in a wedding is incredibly important as it is intertwined in every little detail of the big day. However, the beautiful natural colors in the fall help make this important decision, a no brainer. The changing leaves on the trees not only make the perfect backdrop for outdoor photos, but coordinate with many different wedding themes as well.

Additionally, the array of jewel-tones found in the fall complement a wide variety of skin tones, and look gorgeous together in floral arrangements – bonus if you use them in your bridesmaids’ dresses!


2. The Weather is Less Risky

It's not too cold, not too hot, but just right.

In my opinion, if you are nervous about the weather even a little bit, get married in the fall. Yes, there are uncontrollable variables for every season, but I personally feel that there are many more pros than cons to fall weather. Ultimately, if you want to be outside for some aspect of your wedding (photos, ceremony, etc.) the last thing you want is to sweat all of your makeup off or freeze to death in the first 5 minutes. Therefore, the autumn provides a happy medium that will leave you less stressed, and more focused on enjoying your big day!

3. Take Advantage of Fall Makeup Trends

Gorgeous sunflower bridal bouquet

Many of this year’s fall makeup trends have been killing it all year round – but what better way to take advantage of them then in the fall.

Ultimately adding onto my previous color rant, getting married in the fall would provide you the opportunity to use warm shades within your bridal makeup. For example, berry lips or even a subtle brown smoky eye, would match perfectly with the natural colors that are all around, as well as work well with a variety of different skin tones.


4. Not Prime Wedding Season

There is a reason for the high volume of #weddingszn insta captions in the summer – it is prime time for weddings, and availability for all vendors goes down. We wish we could clone ourselves, but we can still only be in one place at one time…

Choosing to plan your wedding in the off-season will increase your chances of booking the vendors you’re obsessed with. Additionally, many people use the summer to take their yearly vacations, generally becoming much busier due to traveling. However, by planning for the off-season, chances are you will not have to work around Aunt Sally’s schedule, and will ultimately have a better opportunity to have your core group on your special day.  


5. Can incorporate Festive Flavors

There is only one thing that compares to the colors in the fall – and that is the food.

Whether it be pumpkin, apples, or even cinnamon - having your wedding in the fall means you have the option to incorporate all of these fun flavors within it. Everyone will love a variation of an apple martini as your signature drink, or even a spiked cider during cocktail hour. More importantly, the scents that go along with these additions will provide a festive aroma throughout the night. It will be a unique detail that can easily be done, while leaving guests impressed!


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