Why You Need to Update Your Skin Care Regime

Skin care trends are getting more and more popular these days, potentially leaving you confused or overwhelmed on where to begin. And especially now with all the various types of DIY scrubs and face masks emerging, it’s important to stay up to date on what people are finding helpful v. harmful for their skin. As a licensed esthetician, I am always emphasizing the importance of using products that are best suited for individual skin types – which believe it or not, may or may not align with the current trends.  

So whether it be throwing away products, or trying some new ones, read on to see why you should update your skin care routine!


Try a skin serum

The first product you should consider adding to your daily routine, is skin serum. These products are steadily growing more popular due to the moisture retaining effects they nourish your skin with. Serums have the smallest molecular size of any product which allows them to penetrate deeply for ultimate results. They add important ingredients directly upon application, which gently support the inner layer of your skin. Ultimately, with the seasons currently changing, adding in this product could be helpful if your skin gets dry with the cold weather.

Just remember – these should go on under your regular moisturizer!


Update to more environmentally-friendly products

Next, I want to talk about environmentally-friendly products – switching to these are currently a trend for a reason. As a dog mom, I am a huge lover of animals, and as such, I have taught myself to be consistently aware of what products are tested on animals, in addition to which use harmful chemicals. Know what you value and do research on your products. Just don’t get scared off by long names on an ingredients label, oftentimes it’s just a fancy name for a normal ingredient!

So by updating to more environmentally-friendly products, you will be switching to an alternative that is both safe, and even have potentially better effects!



As a licensed esthetician, I am all about skin care and skin safety. Maybe I am rubbing off on the world, but products that contain sunscreen are rising in popularity. I know It’s easy to forget about sun damage as soon as the first leaf changes, but by ensuring that you’re incorporating a sunscreen into your routine, you will be protecting your beautiful skin all year round. There have been more and more cases of damaged skin being found in younger adults, and it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Fun Fact: Sunscreen has also been found to help correct skin blotchiness, as well as to prevent premature aging. Win win!

Ditch the peel-off masks

Consider switching out your peel-off face masks to a traditional mask or sheet mask. I know it sounds cool to be able to peel something off your skin, but your skin is delicate and most of those masks are made with products that are too sticky for your skin, which may result in irritation, thus damaging your skin cells.


Get rid of your electronic face brush

Lastly, it has been recommended to throw away your electronic facial brushes. Acting as somewhat of a home for bacteria, these brushes tend to stay germ-infected even after been cleaned, basically defeating its main purpose. And if that doesn’t turn you off – the fast-moving bristles can often be too harsh on your skin, thus making “micro-tears” throughout. As a result, they can leave your face inflamed and splotchy, and nobody’s got time for that.


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