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5 Favorite Fall Makeup Trends of 2018

5 Favorite Fall Makeup Trends of 2018

Summer is officially over, and it’s once again that time to break out those cozy knit sweaters, and flannel shirts! I am here to inform you that the season of fresh-faced looks has come to an end, and there is a completely new makeup style guide that has taken its place.  But don’t fret- by sharing with you my absolute favorite fall makeup trends, you will be fully up to date, and ready to take on this year’s 2018 fall season!  

Bridal Makeup Do's and Don'ts

Planning for your wedding can be super overwhelming, so I wanted to put together some quick do's and don'ts to follow for your bridal makeup. 


  • Go with a classic style for your look. Going for something too trendy can leave you 10 years down the line looking at your photos and wondering "what was I thinking?"

  • Book a trial with your artist. This is the time for you and your artist to get to know one another and determine the look for your wedding day. This can either be done prior to booking, or, if you know which artist you'd like to book, is best done about a month before the wedding.

  • Do book early. In demand bridal artists can book up months in advance, so don't hesitate to secure your date once you have determined the artist you would like to work with.

  • Wear false lashes. Even if you're not used to them there are a variety of lashes from natural to dramatic and they make a huge difference in photographs!


  • Book with just anyone. Your makeup will affect how you look on the day of as well as in pictures, so you want to be sure you're booking someone who knows what they're doing. You may have a friend who really likes makeup but to ensure that you are going to look your best and avoid any makeup mishaps, booking a makeup artist who specializes in bridal (this is not a hobby for them, this is their job) will ensure that you look your best on your wedding day.

  • Book an artist without a contract. The contract is there to protect both of you, and ensures you're working with a professional.

  • Get a wax or invasive facial the week of your wedding. To avoid any potential skin reactions, keep it simple the week of the wedding.

  • Be afraid of more makeup than you're used to. You are having pictures taken with high-end cameras that can pick up any tiny imperfection. You'll need to be wearing a little more makeup than you would every day to ensure that you look flawless in photos.

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