Don't stress about how you look on your wedding day. 

The photos of your wedding will help you remember your day forever – I want to make sure you look stunning in every single picture. I also firmly believe that your wedding day is the one day you should get to be pampered, doted on, and treated like the most important person in the world! I help brides feel and look like the most beautiful version of themselves they’ve ever seen with on-site luxury hair and makeup services in Chicago. Focusing on clean, natural beauty, my expertise lies in enhancing your best features so you feel polished for your wedding day. 


I pride myself on the relationships that I develop with my clients.

I am there to give you honest feedback if you need it, and am there to reassure you that the earrings you bought do, in fact, look okay with your dress. I'm also there to help calm Mom down from her pre-wedding jitters and help her to feel beautiful. Obviously, I'm also going to make sure you look flawless and your hair and makeup will last all night. 


I specialize in South Asian and Indian weddings.

There are so many unique traditions within our culture, and it has been a really special experience for me to be able to work on Indian weddings. My dad was born in India, so it's a cool connection to my own culture, and I have the understanding of the different ceremonies, jewelry, and dressing to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. 

I travel worldwide.

Destination wedding? No problem. Not in love with any of the artists that you’re finding in the area you’re getting marred? Not sure that any of them understand you or your culture? I travel worldwide with clients to ensure that their wedding beauty is flawless on their wedding day.


Let's Connect. 

As a lifelong lover of the beauty industry, I truly appreciate the opportunity to help brides be their most gorgeous self on the best day of the lives. I’d love to connect to talk about your vision for your wedding. Please contact me and tell me all about your upcoming special day! I look forward to getting to know you and helping to truly bring out your beauty for your wedding.

Meghana Prasad applying bridal makeup


On-location makeup artists will also come to your location and apply makeup to you and your party. I specialize in soft and natural makeup, but can execute a range of styles. 

Beautiful braided bridal hairstyle by Meghana Prasad


On-location stylists will come to your location and style you and your party's hair. From updos, to beachy waves, to a voluminous blowout, we can achieve the style you are dreaming of. 

Meghana Prasad helping with Indian bridal dressing


I will be with you until you step out the door to head to your wedding. Literally from head to toe I can help you get dressed, put on your jewelry, put on your dress, wrap your sari, or any other needs you might have. 


Be your most beautiful self on your wedding day.